The Tyndale Monument at North Nibley in Gloucestershire was completed in 1866 as a memorial to William Tyndale, one of the first people to translate the bible into English.

It stands 34 metres (111 feet) tall.  A spiral staircase of 121 steps leads to the top with views across the Severn Estuary.

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Tue 28 May 2024
Carol McClurg
Your 1st Heavenly Birthday Steven...Love & Miss You Every Day..Carol & Brogue x x
Sat 1 - Sun 2 Jun 2024
Allan Smith
Marriage of Rosa Smith to Angus McEwen Smith
Tue 4 Jun 2024
Becki Harris
Today we are celebrating the life of Harold Harris 28/12/1933 - 06/05/2024. Loved & missed by us all. “Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. Grief is just love with no place to go.”
Thu 6 Jun 2024
Jess Deacon
Remembering Rich 'Smudger' Smith who would have been 60 today. Happy Birthday Dad, loved and missed every day xxx
Mon 10 Jun 2024
Julie O'Neill
One year ago today we lost you dad. Life will never be the same without you and we miss you every day. Love always xx
Sat 15 Jun 2024
Sarah Kinnear
Congratulations Rosie and Conor on your wedding day. Xxx
Mon 1 Jul 2024
Cheryl & Sarah Bowen
In loving memory of Noah Alexanda Bowen. Born sleeping on 01.07.2022. Forever in our hearts.
Wed 3 Jul 2024
Angela Niblett
Happy heavenly 100th birthday Nobby (Eric) Clark. Loved and missed everyday by Freda, Andrew, Angela and all the family. Xxx
Sun 7 Jul 2024
Caroline Harper
Remembering our dad Gerald Harper who passed away on 8th July 2022. Myself, H, Duncan, Lara and the boys all miss you lots ❤️
Mon 8 Jul 2024
Mrs Jo, Chris, Tasha, Airlie, Alex, Sean, Ellie, Perrett, Hedges, Nurture, Jersey Families & friends
Two years ago this evening your precious heart gave way Ju and you devastatingly left this earth. Together we remain loving and remembering you Ju. Always in our hearts & always on our minds.
Mon 15 Jul 2024
Tracey Taylor
Happy heavenly birthday my Foss lots of love your Tat and the rest of the family xxxx
Tue 23 Jul 2024
Deb Williams
Happy heavenly 80th birthday to our lovely mum. Love, Deb, Simon, Steve , Dave and families xxxx
Mon 29 Jul 2024
Brian Eldridge
Happy 70th Birthday Janet Eldridge. Love from Brian and the family.
Sun 4 Aug 2024
Sarah Corston
Happy Happy 21st Birthday to Ella and Will Aston. Enjoy your special day and celebrate in style. Love from Mum and Dad xxx
Wed 7 Aug 2024
Katy Gilmartin
To my darling Mum, Happy Birthday! Lots of love, Katy xxx
Thu 8 Aug 2024
Booker's name withheld
Tue 13 Aug 2024
Jo, Chris, Tasha,Airlie,Alex, Sean,Ellie, Perrett, Hedges, Nurture, Molnar, Jersey Families& friends
Our darling JULIAN PERRETT, your precious spirit remains central to our lives, tho' our heats are broken we're celebrating your birthday with memories of love, laughter, coffee & walnut cake.
Mon 19 Aug 2024
Jileen Loo-Willmott
Dear Verd, Gone but not forgotten. Happy birthday to us.
Sat 14 Sep 2024
Deb and Walter Eley
Congratulations Martha and Dom on your Wedding day, lots of love from all your family and friends xx
Wed 9 Oct 2024
Clare White
For Michael Parsons, 40 years since you died, we still love you and miss you everyday.
Mon 14 Oct 2024
Rebecca Pain
Happy heavenly 30th birthday Oliver, forever in our hearts and thoughts xx
Tue 15 Oct 2024
Sam Rugman
Happy 20th Heavenly birthday Jake Rugman. Missed everyday, never forgotten. Love Mum, dad, Dan, Daisy, Archer, Harry & Evie xxxx
Thu 7 Nov 2024
To recognise our 60th Wedding Anniversary. We can see the Monument from our home at Alkington
Wed 13 Nov 2024
Becky Pain
The years are passing to quickly without you, Oliver. Forever missed and deeply loved. Xx
Wed 27 Nov 2024
Esther Anderson
Marie Anderson. My beautiful little mum. Loved & missed so much. Lost without you & our mischief making. The pain is just the same. One year today you went to glory but feels just as raw. Until we meet again. I love you mum. Your ‘daught’ Esther xxxx
Mon 9 Dec 2024
For Stew
Tue 24 Dec 2024
Clare sansum
2 years dad not a day that goes by that we don’t think of you….. miss you so much….
Thu 26 Dec 2024
Donna Tonks
Shining bright for Peter Cox, much loved and missed father, brother and grandad. Forever in our thoughts always in our hearts.
Tue 31 Dec 2024
Sian Evans
A year ago today we lost you Dad. Happy New Year. We miss you so much. Love all of us xxxx
Sat 11 Jan 2025
Mrs Jo, broken hearted for Julian Perrett
My darling, precious Ju, I loved & adored you from first sight at Renishaw in 1987. My Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. Simply The Best. Our 36th Wedding Anniversary today, together for eternity, every Le Rocque sunrise, every St Ouen sunset.
Sun 11 May 2025
Jess vincent
In loving memory of Malcom Donald Vincent. We all love and miss you dearly!
Sat 14 - Sun 15 Jun 2025
Julia Brooks
Happy 70th Birthday Peter with love from Julia
Fri 8 Aug 2025
Katy Gilmartin
To my darling Mum, Happy Birthday! Lots of love, Katy xxx
Fri 26 Dec 2025
Tara kenyon-may / Vincent
To our beloved pops, gramps, great gramps. We love and miss you with all our hearts